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  • Scala is EJB2? I don’t think so

    I just read Stephen Colebourne’s blog entry that is circulating the twittersphere. I’m about to post some comments, so I guess this means that I don’t “tolerate dissent.”First of all, please don’t pull out the infamous “(0 /: l)(_ + _)” argument okay? I get it that not everyone understands foldLeft’s, but it’s not that […]

  • Programming is hard – Part 3

    In this latest installment of Programming is hard, let’s talk about abstractions. (For previous readings, see Part 1 and Part 2).

    I read a column by Ted Neward where he points out how software development is unlike any other industry. We have to deal with abstractions ALL the TIME. As he stated so eloquently, you can’t […]

  • Programming is hard – Part 2

    NOTE: You can also read Part 3 of this blog series.

    The debate about the complexity of scala ensues. As I previously wrote, programming is hard! Trying to conclude how easy or hard scala is based on language constructs isn’t feasible.

    In a really active thread on the LinkedIn Scala Enthusiasts group, someone posted:
    …encapsulation is the most […]