Darklight is finished

By Greg Turnquist

Greg is a member of the Spring team, an author of several books on Spring Boot, conference speaker, and the lead for Spring Data JPA.

February 15, 2013

I just finished the last few scenes in Darklight tonight. It weighs in at 76,000 words. Feels great! Up until now, I had an idea, a concept. Now, I have a story.

If an agent asks, I can hand it to him or her. It may not be perfect, but it’s complete. Time to read it top to bottom, and start fixing typos and other things. I’m also prepping to send it out to my beta readers. I can’t wait to hear their response.

After more polishing and feedback, I can decide if it’s ready to send out for querying.

This is really exciting for me! A story I started twenty years ago is finished and readable. It’s real, not just an idea floating around in my head. Beyond publishing, I hope I can someday write sequels and prequels. But that is for tomorrow.

Happy writing.


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