Spring Python 1.0.0 (RC2) is released

What is Spring Python? For those of you new to this project, Spring Python takes the concepts implemented by the Spring Framework (Java), and applies them to Python. This provides a powerful library of functionality to help you get back to writing the code that makes you money. You can visit Spring Python’s official web […]

SpringOne Europe – Wish I Could Be There

Well, I was able to make it to the SpringOne Americas conference back in December 2008. And I knew I would hunger to be at the SpringOne Europe conference this year. This time, though, since I got into twitter, I have been able to keep my thumb on the pulse by watching twitter on the […]

The case for AOP in Python

There are many articles out there about AOP and python, and consequently, several AOP solutions for python are offered. The spectrum is broad, ranging from “python doesn’t need AOP” to “python has enough language features to do AOP without framework code” to “AOP works great with python” to “AOP is just another thing built for […]

Spring Python’s blog site moved to WordPress

I was enjoying running the blog site with b2evolution, but decided to spend the last few days switching over to wordpress. It has been pretty much smooth sailing. I was really happy to find that someone had already ported the theme to wordpress. Basically, the only thing I sacrificed were the user comments. It was […]

Why use Spring Python and not just plain python?

I have bumped into articles and forum postings, blog entries, other blog entries, and yet more blog entries. In fact, while writing this blog entry, someone posed the question “what is the aim of Spring Python?” (Click and see my answer.) There are a diverse range of view points, and many in disagreement about the […]

Spring Python 1.0.0 (RC1) is finally here!

This is an exciting day. The first, production-ready version of Spring Python is finally here. Version 1.0.0-RC1 is out. You can download from the official site, but if you are having trouble, you can go directly to S3, and grab 1.0.0-RC1. Please visit the official website at http://springpython.webfactional.com, where you will find links to up-to-date […]

Missed SpringOne Americas conference?

Intro_to_Spring_Python_Turnquist In case you missed my presentation Introduction to Spring Python, here is the slide show I presented.   Or, you can go to Far & Awayto watch it and to leave a comment.

Spring Python 0.9.1 has been released

Spring Python is not a web framework, but instead a library of tools that can empower any python application, whether web-based, desktop, or server side utility. For more details, read the list of features below and visit the website at http://springpython.webfactional.com. I just released Spring Python 0.9.1. One of our users spotted an error in […]

Does Spring Support support Python 3.0?

At the end of my talk yesterday, one of the attendees pointed out that Python 3.0 was released that very same day. In joking fashion, he asked, “Do you support it?” I chuckled and did explain that currently we were supporting 2.4 and 2.5 because essentially, that is what I have personally ran the automated […]

SpringOne – Day 4 and my presentation

Day 4===========================================Alright! This was great. I had about 10 people show up for my presentation, and I feel like things went smoothly. I also got a kick out of helping Russ with his presentation on Spring Extensions. I also attended Mark Pollack’s two presentations about .NET, just so I could get a feel for other […]