Learning Spring Boot 2nd Edition published!

Use Spring Boot to build lightning-fast apps

Spring Boot provides a variety of features that address today’s business needs with a powerful database and state of the art WebFlux framework. This practical guide will help you get up and running with all the latest features of Spring Boot.

The book starts off by helping you build a simple app, then show you how to bundle and deploy it to the cloud. From here, we take you through reactive programming showing you how to interact with controllers and templates and handle data access. Once you’re done, you can start testing using unit tests, slice, and embedded spring boot tests.

We also go into detail about developer tools, messaging, web sockets, security, and deployment. So if you want a good understanding of the core app functionality using Spring Boot, this is the book for you.


“Learning Spring Boot 2.0 is in my opinion a must-read for the audience looking at empowering modern spring” — Stephane Maldini (lead for Project Reactor)

“There isn’t really any other book that covers this material…” — Dave Syer (co-lead for Spring Boot)

“Excellent book with a detailed explanation of spring boot 2.0 and reactive programming concepts.” — Nidhin Benjamin

Hear this trail blazing interview on Java PubHouse about Learning Spring Boot 2nd Edition:

Also catch this podcast discussion with Greg:

"Programming with Spring Boot is like pair programming with the Spring team." -@starbuxman 


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Learning Spring Boot [Video]


Build and ship rock solid applications with Spring Boot.

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Learning Spring Boot [Video] will help developers, beginner and seasoned, learn how to build powerful apps fast. I introduce core pieces of Spring Boot and show how easy it is to focus on building functionality without getting hung up on unnecessary infrastructure and tedious low level APIs. All examples are built using the Spring Initializr site and a modern IDE.

Order your copy of four hours of content where you build a social media platform using:

  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Data
  • Spring Messaging
  • Spring Security
  • Ops support and DevTools.

Learning Spring Boot – 1st Edition

Learning Spring Boot

Learning Spring Boot shows you how to use Spring Boot to build apps faster than ever before.”

This book helps you get up and running fast with Spring Boot. Craft an application with Spring MVC + Apache Tomcat with little configuration from you. Also learn how to write JUnit and Spock test cases. Then, pull back the curtain and see how Spring Boot works by using Spring Messaging (JMS and AMQP) as well as creating custom metrics, custom information, and custom CLI commands aimed at production environments. In the last two chapters, you’ll see how Spring Boot supports everyday situations we all deal with. You will learn how to create multiple configurations inside your app that can interact with different data stores.

By the end of the book, you’ll have a good understanding of how Spring Boot works, how it manages low-level infrastructure, and how to start out production-grade apps with built-in support tools as well as custom ones.

  • Use Spring Boot’s CLI tool to build rapid Groovy-based apps without even touching a build tool
  • Craft a Spring JMS app with ActiveMQ
  • Work with multiple database configurations using Spring Data JPA in development and production as well as Spring Data MongoDB
  • Find out exactly what beans Spring Boot is creating for you, and why it decided to do so
    Secure your app at the URL and method levels
  • Use Spring Data REST to export your Spring Data repositories to support independent clients
  • Configure the embedded Tomcat servlet engine to use SSL and see how it automatically uses HSTS

Quotes about Learning Spring Boot 1st Edition

“Whatever are your current skills with Spring, you will undoubtedly learn some new things reading the book. I did and I enjoyed the experience. The topics addressed by Greg L. Turnquist are diverse and interesting and the book is easy to follow.” — Geoffroy Warin

“I just went through every example in the book and read it from front to back (again) using Spring Boot 1.2.5 RELEASE. Every example works. This book is a FOUNDATIONAL resource in GETTING STARTED with Spring Boot.” — Derek P.

“This is a great book if you have absolutely no knowledge about Spring Boot but you do have a fairly decent understanding of Spring in general. The book seems a bit short (a lot of subjects are left out) but does a very good job explaining those that it does cover.” — Anonymous

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