SpringOne – Day 3 and Spring Python plugins

Day 3 – Writing a Spring Python plugin manager===================================================Yesterday, I visited three sessions: RESTful Web Applications with Spring 3.0, Terracotta, and The Dojo Toolkit. I admit that my mind was wandering during the web-based ones. That was because I wanted to work on my command-line, plug-in based tool. So I planted myself in the back […]

SpringOne – Days 1 and 2

I finally found some time to post updates. Whew! It has been busy! Day 1================================On Monday, I hooked up with the SpringSource guys. It seems everyone had something to work on. I wanted to get 0.9.0 completed and working before giving my demo of PetClinic on Thursday. Just about anyone I spoke to was polishing […]

Welcome to SpringOne

Day 0========================Well, I’m happy to report I got in last night and was able to meet up with a handful of people. Russ texted me to join them at the bar. After getting settled in the nice Westin Diplomat, I managed to find him along with a few others, despite my phone not having international […]

Spring Python 0.9.0 is released

Spring Python is not a web framework, but instead a library of tools that can empower any python application, whether web-based, desktop, or server side utility. For more details, read the list of features below and visit the website at http://springpython.webfactional.com. Spring Python has just released 0.9.0. This release includes a key update to springpython.security.web […]

Spring Python isn’t a simple port of the Spring Framework

While surfing across Google, I spotted a conversation where a couple guys were commenting on Spring Python. The only commentary was based on the Wikipedia entry, and showed no delving into official documentation or our website. Well, I can’t help but respond to the some of the assumptions that were made. Spring-Python. A port of […]

Spring Python uses Amara

Link: http://broadcast.oreilly.com/2008/11/spring-python-and-amara.html For now, we are using Amara 1.2 because we need stable support. We definitely hope to migrate to 2.x someday, and we will have to deal with that python2.5+ requirement. This may require two versions of Spring Python. Supporting Python 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 3+ all have impact on what we will support. There […]

SpringSource has acquired G2One, the company behind Grails and Groovy.

Link: http://blog.springsource.com/2008/11/11/more-weapons-for-the-war-on-complexity-springsource-acquires-groovygrails-leader/ I posted this in case you hadn’t heard, SpringSource has acquired the company behind Grails and Groovy. You may wonder “what has this got to do with Python?” Well, I am always interested in tracking what SpringSource is up to, especially in the realm of dynamic languages. This is good news to me, […]

Spring Python 0.8.0 has been released

This release contains a refactored IoC container supporting four formats (XMLConfig, PythonConfig/@Object, PyContainerConfig, and SpringJavaConfig); replacement of the term “component” with “object” in all APIs, classnames, etc.; and other bug fixes and API cleanup

Spring Python is cooking!

Spring Python is growing fast and I’m excited to be working on this project. I just wanted to list some of the things that shows the many ways this is happening. First of all, I must point out that we just recently released version 0.8.0. This version contains the newly rewritten IoC container as well […]

Spring Python 0.7.1 has been released

This release contains improvements to reference documentation as well as integration with Spring’s new download site .