Experienced in working on software programs involving many different phases, such as proposal demos, contract awards, long term sustainment, and wind down.

I am an active participant in the Open Source and Spring communities. I have contributed to many projects including:

  • Spring Boot, Spring Framework, Spring Security, Spring Data, Spring HATEOAS
  • Mac Homebrew
  • MythTV
  • Mediawiki.

I’m a firm believer in test-based design, and have used JUnit 5, Mockito, Spring Test, AssertJ and other toolkits to maintain high quality code.


2010 - Present

Joined VMware as a member of the Spring team. VMware was split off into Pivotal Software in 2014 and after going IPO, was re-acquired by VMware in late 2019.

Throughout all that worked on various efforts with the Spring team.

Current assignments:

  • Spring Data team.
  • R2DBC team.
  • Lead developer for Spring Session for MongoDB, Spring Web Services, R2DBC H2

Made numerous contributions to Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Framework, Spring Cloud, and other parts of the Spring portfolio.

Past assignments:

  • Contributor to Commercial Engineering efforts
  • Editor-at-large for spring.io’s Getting Started Guides.
  • Worked on bringing Cloud Foundry support to Spinnaker.

Also gave talks at multiple Spring and Java conferences.

1997 – 2010

Worked on Harris’ $3.5 billion FTI telecommunications program as part of the senior software team.

Managed a team of 3 software engineers while architecting critical, 24×7 mission critical application that provided Ops the ability to troubleshoot a nation-wide network with over 8000 sites. Integrated with 3rd party ticket tracking and an SNMP management system. Gave feedback, annual performance reviews, and coaching as departmental Group Leader. Provided on-call support and trained others to offer on-call support as well.

Deployed a MediaWiki web site to provide Operations team and Security team with fingertip knowledge management. Configured server to backup entire site every night to backup operations center.

Inherited a Java Swing desktop finance application, and turned it from being un-used to a primary tool using TDD practices and Spring/Spring Security/@AspectJ technologies. Utilized JUnit and TestNG to rapidly turn around feature requests for customers.

Developed Java/PERL solution to transport files between customer sites using inbox/outbox mechanism. Devised a routing mechanism to send files based on type from one location to another automatically, as files were created. Also created a simple monitor application to detect when software was offline.

Developed C++/PERL/CORBA messaging solution for ISC2 Air Force proposal, while managing 2 engineers. Developed UML models and presented architectural slide show to O6-level officers during technical exchange.

Developed Ada applications along with Tcl/Tk/Expect/ExpectK


I created Spring Boot Learning, the YouTube channel where you learn about Spring Boot and have fun doing it.

On my channel, I have:

  • Created videos to help understand the basics of Spring Boot
  • Published content to help people get started building web apps using Spring Boot
  • Live streamed coding sessions and fielded questions

Published Books:

Hacking with Spring Boot 2.4: Classic Edition

Hacking with Spring Boot 2.3: Reactive Edition

Learning Spring Boot 2.0 2nd Edition

Learning Spring Boot

Python Testing Cookbook

Spring Python 1.1


I have extensive, professional experience with the following languages, toolkits, and libraries:

  • Java
  • Spring Boot/Spring Data/Spring Security/Spring Framework/Project Reactor
  • Docker and Testcontainers
  • Apache POI
  • iText
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • Tcl/TK/Expect
  • C-Shell/Bash, PERL, CRON jobs, XML

While I generally work on back end systems, I do have some amount of experience with front end development as well:

  • Thymeleaf
  • npm/Babel/React/Webpack
  • HTML 5

My golden zone is working with Ubuntu/Debian-flavored Linux. I also have years of both academic and professional experience working on Solaris-based systems (despite it no longer being active in the industry).

Finally, I’m a seasoned pro at distributed source management systems including:

  • Git and GitHub
  • Subversion
  • CVS and Rational ClearCase


1991-1995 - Auburn University

B.S. in Computer Engineering

1995-1997 - Auburn University

M.S. in Computer Engineering