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  • How TDD is wrong

    I’m a pretty big test advocate. After all, it’s in my profile. So how can I say that TDD is wrong?
    “Test-bitten script junky…” — opening of my profile

    The “test-bitten” means I’ve been bitten by the automated testing bug. In a previous post, I mentioned having built the equivalent of a CI solution early in my […]

  • The many flaws of test coverage

    Recently in a Twitter chat with a couple friends of mine, the subject of test coverage re-appeared. I rolled my eyes. Ready to start ranting, I remembered already covering the many flaws of test coverage in Python Testing Cookbook. So I thought, perhaps an excerpt would be better.

    From chapter 9, Python Testing Cookbook..

    Coverage Isn’t Everything
    You’ve […]

  • When testing really matters

    This past Tuesday, we had James Ward, principal developer advocate for Heroku, give a presentation on the Play Framework, scala/java, and Heroku at the Nashville JUG. Suffice it to say, it was a really awesome presentation. This was far from a sales pitch, and more like a lets-get-our-hands on this framework and build a web […]

  • What is the best testing tool?

    Someone posted to me a question through meetupcom, “Greg, what is the best testing tool?” I didn’t have room to reply. I posted my response inside the Nashville JUG Google Group we host, but I thought today, it would be better to capture it here.Asking “what is the best tool” with no other context sounds […]