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  • A tale of two mediatypes

    I’ve spent the last several weeks picking up something I started back in 2015. Way back then, in the airport departing SpringOne, I started working on the third mediatype for Spring HATEOAS. There were already two: the original one based on pure Jackson and HAL.

    This was Collection+JSON by Mike Amundsen. As a traveling consultant, speaker, […]

  • The Power of REST – Part 3

    Last week in The Power of REST – Part 2, I talked about how investing effort in backward compatibility and having flexible settings, it’s possible to avoid a lot of “API versioning”, something Roy Fielding has decried. In this article, we’ll look more closely at the depth and power of hypermedia.
    How does the web do […]

  • The Power of REST – Part 2

    Last week, in The Power of REST – Part 1, I challenged someone’s proposal that their client-side query language could supplant the power of REST. It seemed to attack strawman arguments about REST. In this article, I wanted to delve a little more into what REST does and why it does it.
    Basis of REST
    REST was […]

  • The Power of REST – Part 1

    I was kind of shocked when I saw Yet Another Posted Solution to REST. I sighed and commented, and drew the ire of many. So I figured this might be a good time to gather some thoughts on REST.

    The article starts by criticizing REST and offering their toolkit as the solution. What’s really funny, is that […]

  • HTTP + REST + OAuth = say what???

    In the past couple of weeks, things have really gotten hopping on the Nashville Java community’s #java slack channel. A recent topic topic of interest is how do we take something like REST, which talks about clean URIs and stateless services, and stir in this crazy OAuth stuff?

    I threw in my own $0.02 given I’ve […]