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  • A tale of two git workflows

    My company has gone full on with using github as the place to host our code. It’s great! I love git and I love github. And lately, in the past couple of months, I have taken on using hub, and git + hub tool.So what’s the difference in workflow? The standard approach suggested by github […]

  • What git tools do you use?

    A friend of mine who is getting warmed up to using git on some projects asked me recently what tools I had to recommend in helping with running some of his own, private repositories. This isn’t about github, but instead, just using git on the home network (which isn’t too hard to do)To be honest, […]

  • Thank you git rebase –interactive!

    Today I had the good fortune to read http://gitready.com/advanced/2009/02/10/squashing-commits-with-rebase.html. The article perfectly served my needs.I’ve been working on a new feature for several days. At first, I build some buttons and new pages, and had all the functionality working. I had also committed the changes. Before pushing them to origin, I sent a diff report to […]