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  • Stay app – you’re hired!

    As follow up to my previous article, My Software Cheapskate Days Are Behind Me, I’m proud to say I just purchased the Stay app. That app is so frickin’ wicked, it rivals Tweetbot.

    I recently bought a 39″ 4K display as my monitor. Whenever I would unplug my laptop and take it elsewhere, all my windows […]

  • My software cheapskate days are behind me

    In the past eight months, I have plunked down money cash for some really handy apps. And I’m happy I did.
    I used to be really stingy. I’ve slowly become aware that software devs are probably the last people to actually pay money for software. We’re always looking for freebie or open source versions. We claim […]

  • 39″ Seiki 4K monitor is GREAT!

    I have been reading quite a bit about 4K monitors. I recently spotted an article that suggested that these screens are PERFECT for software developers.

    I watched several videos and deduced that the screen real estate would be fantastic. The ability to see ALL your code while having sufficient browser tabs open along with Chrome’s debugging console sounded […]