Debug and Maintain your Spring Boot App

By Greg Turnquist

Greg is a member of the Spring team, an author of several books on Spring Boot, conference speaker, and the lead for Spring Data JPA.

July 10, 2015

It’s out! My webinar, Debug and Maintain Your Spring Boot App, is now available to watch right here. Learn how to:

  • Figure out what Spring Boot has done, so you can tweak things as needed.
  • Discover property override settings, and not be done in by out-of-date docs.
  • Merge metrics and commands as needed for DevOps support.

I hope you enjoy this meme-tastic, code-filled webinar I hosted.

If you’re interested, the code for it can be found at The basis of this code is Chapter 3 of Learning Spring Boot. If you’re interested, you can sign up today for my technical newsletter and hear up-to-date news including alerts about Learning Spring Boot.


  1. Timo R.

    Regarding “learning spring boot”:
    – Creating a functional environment is one of the hardest things in software development. Unfortunately you have not started with this topic in your book. Yes, I understand that it gets old the fastest, but on the other hand some of your readers will be in the dilemma where I am: Your code doesn’t work and I don’t know how to fix the dev environment to get it working.
    – A bit same is with utilizing source code, preferably through a fork in GitHub: Especially Eclipse is frustrating in that it has several different mechanisms how to do it, some of them don’t work at all, some are counter-intuitive and some require correct plugins to work. I probably know that part already, but you could really afford to have one section of these basics and tell one of the good ways to do it.
    – Also when ever I read a development book, I ALWAYS do it the same way: I either copy-paste or use from the sources the correct place and compile it. And only if that works, I start to read the content: what does it do & how was it created the way it was. But you work the other way around: you approach the content first and getting it compiled is very much secondary. When the person has struggles with the environment or compilation, your approach is frustrating as ….

    I don’t know how many attempt I am doing now and none of them have worked but they have had different issues. I have followed different instructions around the web to create them, but so far I have always found instructions that were either too old, too short (didn’t explain far enough for getting everything to work) or whatever.
    I have tried five versions of IDE:
    – Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio 9 beta (Eclipse)
    – Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio 8 (Eclipse)
    – Eclipse Mars
    – Eclipse Luna
    – Groovy/Grail Tool Suite (Eclipse)
    Several AS:
    – Tomcat 8
    – Tomcat 7
    – Wildfly 8.2
    – Wildfly some other version
    – Jetty
    – Gradle 2.4 and 2.7
    – Maven 1?, Maven 2, Maven 3?
    – Lots of settings

    As you can guess quantity doesn’t improve quality, but I don’t want to spend days on an issue, so if I don’t solve it fast enough, I try something else.


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