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By Greg Turnquist

Greg L. Turnquist worked on the Spring team for over thirteen years and is a senior staff technical content engineer at Cockroach Labs. He was the lead for Spring Data JPA and Spring Web Services. He wrote Packt's best-selling title, Learning Spring Boot 2.0 2nd Edition, and its 3rd Edition follow-up along many others.

April 23, 2015

Last night’s writing prompt: I saw something beautiful today…


I step out onto the driveway. The smell of gasoline fills my nostrils. Today is perfect. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. No rain for two days. I can see blades of grass spread across the entire backyard. No dandelions. Looks like that stuff really worked. I have my old sneakers pulled on. Cheap t-shirt. Workout shorts. I crank up the mower and start pushing. The sound fills my ears and provides a soothing feeling. I round the corners, lopping off blades of grass. A thought for a sequel to “Darklight” pops into my head. Would that work? Hmm. What about a title? Nothing there. What if I had one of the old characters make an appearance? Sure, but this one needs a bang. Jack Reacher’s debut novel had a big one. What if this old character appears and is killed. What if that is the discovery that puts my main character into action? I finish the back yard and move to the front. Kids are playing across the cul de sac in their year. Shooting hoops. Just me and the mower. No kids chasing me. An idea for an opening hook fills my mind. I HAVE to write that tonight. I wonder if I could write it in 1st person? I’m not sure, but if I did, it would punch it up. Mower stalls out. I stop and clear the chute. I resume. Sweat is dripping down my neck as I polish up our yard and get it ship shape. Just one thing. I need to finish up “Darklight” and get it published before I embark on the sequel.


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