Announcing #LearningSpringBoot contest! /cc @PacktPub @SpringCentral

3021OS_mockupcover_normalGreetings Spring Boot lovers!

Packt Publishing and I are announcing a contest! Please visit https://github.com/learning-spring-boot/contest to see the official rules, criteria, and deadline to win. We are looking for cool, pithy apps that show of the elegance and power of Spring Boot while also granting you a chance to show off your wild/creative side.

The deadline is January 17th, so you have plenty of time, whether or not you code during the holidays, to dive and create your own work of art.

This contest doesn’t confine you to solving a certain problem or of being a certain size. Instead, we are looking for all sorts of creative ideas on what you think would be cool. But the ability to show off the power of Spring Boot to accomplish it is definitely a plus.

To be über slick, the contest if hosted on github, meaning you simply have to fork the contest’s repository, and convince your friends and teammates to “star” your submission.

And furthermore, tweet it up! By that, I mean get the word out on your blog site, your facebook page, whatever channels you communicate with others on the interwebs. The more stars you can coax out of your lackeys, the better.

Please use #LearningSpringBoot as the hashtag of choice.

I can’t wait to your efforts. (And if you tweet me @gregturn, I will certainly retweet and star any entries I spot!)

Good luck!

UPDATE: Team entries permitted. Rules have been updated to reflect this.


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