“Learning #SpringBoot” is now signed, sealed, and delivered /cc @PacktPub @JavaMUG

By Greg Turnquist

Greg is a member of the Spring team, an author of several books on Spring Boot, conference speaker, and the lead for Spring Data JPA.

November 18, 2014

3021OS_mockupcover_normalI finally wrapped up edits and proofing the pre-finals. Learning Spring Boot is officially completed. The only lingering thing on my plate is migrating the code base into my newly minted github repo. I hope you have already pre-ordered your copy.

According to my editor, they are uploading it to the printers tomorrow. I can’t wait to get my shipment!

I can say this: I’m exhausted. As I write this blog entry, my watch reads 49 minutes past midnight. Nonetheless, I’m glad to have finished such an exciting book. Can’t wait to hold a copy in my hands.

Good night!

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  1. Mike Lythgoe

    Good news and congratulations.
    I’ve got the book and ebook on pre-order so hopefully I’ll get notification it’s been sent and can be downloaded soon.



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