Darklight is released to my beta readers!

By Greg Turnquist

Greg L. Turnquist worked on the Spring team for over thirteen years and is a senior staff technical content engineer at Cockroach Labs. He was the lead for Spring Data JPA and Spring Web Services. He wrote Packt's best-selling title, Learning Spring Boot 2.0 2nd Edition, and its 3rd Edition follow-up along many others.

April 10, 2013

After working on Darklight for the past two years, a novel that has floated around in my mind in different forms for probably twenty years, it felt great sending copies of it out to my beta readers. Now comes the hard part: waiting. I hate it when you have to wait for feedback.

I have continued to read it myself, spotting tiny typos here and there. But I’m also looking at things such as my chapter breaks and other structural styles. I am constantly reviewing it. Certain sections have been re-read so many times, I almost have to skip past them.

I am totally aware that there are some parts that need more work. Some sections were hurriedly thrown down to move on to the next scene. In that situation, should I go back and flesh it out? Or will that slow things down? Did I hustle through that scene for some telling reason, like it was boring? I know I will get back to that and fix it. But I first need to be aprised of any glaring issues that someone who hasn’t read any of it can spot from a mile away. And hence I must wait for my good accomplices to take their team and walk through my manuscript.

Bottom line, it feels really good to send it out. I just hope this results in a solid response where I can fine tune it even better and then eventually start querying agents.


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