Writing at Panera

By Greg Turnquist

Greg is a member of the Spring team, an author of several books on Spring Boot, conference speaker, and the lead for Spring Data JPA.

January 5, 2013

Courtesy of http://franckernewein.com/

Today, my wife and I decided to hang out at Panera so we could “take the afternoon off” and write. This is one way we enjoy getting away from the kids and having “us” time.

I have been striving to set aside time every night to continue writing scenes for Darklight. Some evenings, I really enjoy things, like the last few. It’s because I have a certain arc in my story that I have been chomping at the bit to dive into.

Other times, I need to work on other sections that, frankly, don’t excite me as much. I’m sure every writer has dealt with this in the past. But I feel like my cadence of writing a section-a-night is helping me stay on track.

The challenge is that no editor is looming over me. There is no schedule to meet, compared to my other books. This is entirely my own motivation. And my beat sheet provides much motivation. The sooner I finish this, the sooner as I can circle back and start sifting through and fixing things, all in hopes of getting this out to me beta readers.

Happy writing!


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