Is Spring Python notable enough to keep its wikipedia article?

By Greg Turnquist

Greg L. Turnquist worked on the Spring team for over thirteen years and is a senior staff technical content engineer at Cockroach Labs. He was the lead for Spring Data JPA and Spring Web Services. He wrote Packt's best-selling title, Learning Spring Boot 2.0 2nd Edition, and its 3rd Edition follow-up along many others.

June 4, 2009

Spring Python has had a wikipedia article for some time. I know, I wrote it. Today, someone has proposed deleting the article, citing that  the it doesn’t establish its notability. I encourage anyone interested to put in their $0.02. However, please do NOT go rabid. Whether you think this fits wikipedia’s criteria for an individual article or not, please put in your opinion backed up by links to resources, while following wikipedia’s guide for article deletion (as show on the site).

Please vote your conscience. What am I trying to say? If you think Spring Python is good, but doesn’t fit their criteria of an article, go ahead and vote it down. If you think this project has something unique and distinct, then vote it up. (Can anyone say unobtrusive AOP?) A key factor is that there is about 7 days before they will make a decision of which way to go, so if you’re going to vote, please vote soon.

Personally, I would like to keep the article. But it’s not the end of the world if its deleted, because this blog, the official website, and our source code repository are the heart and sole of this project. Whatever your opinion is, if you only express it here on this blog, it won’t influence the vote on whether or not to delete this article.

Thanks everyone,

Greg Turnquist, Spring Python project lead


The wikipedia article has been deleted.

00:05, 18 June 2009 Cirt (talk | contribs) deleted “Spring Python” ‎ (Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Spring Python)


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