SpringSource has acquired G2One, the company behind Grails and Groovy.

By Greg Turnquist

Greg is a member of the Spring team, an author of several books on Spring Boot, conference speaker, and the lead for Spring Data JPA.

November 12, 2008

Link: http://blog.springsource.com/2008/11/11/more-weapons-for-the-war-on-complexity-springsource-acquires-groovygrails-leader/

I posted this in case you hadn’t heard, SpringSource has acquired the company behind Grails and Groovy.

You may wonder “what has this got to do with Python?” Well, I am always interested in tracking what SpringSource is up to, especially in the realm of dynamic languages. This is good news to me, because it shows SpringSource’s keen interest in this arena, which is also good for Python.

SpringSource acquired G2One


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