Why do we need experts?

In this day and age, the DIY (Do It Yourself) movement is strong. The internet has made it super simple to start reading about somthing, but a few things from Amazon, and reach and get going! On one hand, that’s really good. I’ve seen countless businesses launched in this fashion. Many show up on Shark […]

Python Testing Cookbook 2nd Edition is coming!

I had totally forgotten about this, but back in February, Packt Publishing approach me about writing a 2nd Edition to Python Testing Cookbook. This is a title I wrote back in 2011, and from which I still get royalty checks! It’s not huge. In fact, it’s more symbolic than anything. I get realĀ a warm fuzzy […]

#LearningSpringBoot – 1st edition vs 2nd edition

Something I have unique insight into is what the approach to the 2014 1st edition vs. the 2017 soon-to-be 2nd edition. Most “next editions” are written by other authors. Not here. I wrote the first by myself and I’m writing the second one now. The 1st edition was relatively short. I had pitched ten chapters […]

We won’t own our own information until we do

Not a week goes by when I hear some story about people displeased with how their own content has been misused. People gripe that entering stuff into Facebook no longer belongs to them. Other people copy-and-paste such stuff into other places. Things go “viral”. I chuckle at how so many politicians act like we are […]

When in doubt, capture it on your phone

This afternoon, I dropped my laptop. Sadly, I could tell it was kaput. The image to right isn’t fuzzy due to a shaky camera. So I loaded up my family so we could drive to Nashville to the nearest Apple store and get the ball rolling on repairs. After dropping it off, we walked back […]

Old public keys revoked; new keys generated

Right now, I’ve added a widget to the right with some key links. Due to the heartbleed bug that has compromised an estimated 500,000 servers, most secrets are considered unsafe. Hence, I have revoked all past gpg keys and generated a new one. I would sign the new key with the old one to maintain […]

GregLTurnquist moves to WordPress!

I recently moved my financial blog to WordPress and the experience has been fantastic. So I asked, why not do the same here? The features are fantastic including: nice mobile view, easy management of old and new links, very professional look-and-feel, and superior options and features. I’ve been using this blog to write about software, […]

Why I don’t much care for New Year’s resolutions

Every year, I hear about people committing to some sort of New Year’s resolution. I’ve never been much of a fan and here’s why. If you have some new commitment you want to make, why wait and make it during the New Year? When I found out about duoLingo, I decided to dive in head […]

LinkedIn: To close or not to close my account, that is the question

LinkedIn and how annoying it has become LinkedIn has become increasingly annoying over the past year. I started to get more and more emails that seem to be aimed at driving me to their site. I would periodically get emails about somebody being in the news. In fact it was someone I met once. Once! […]

Branding is important

Today at the DevNexus conference, my colleagues and I from the Nashville Java Users Group synched up and put on our awesome t-shirts that Jeremy put together. This has already had immediate payoff. As other members of our group showed up, it was incredibly easy for them to find us in a room of 400+ […]