@Uber, what are you doing for my mother?

I recently took the kids on a weekend trip to visit my folks. And what I learned was awesome and horrible, all at once. My 81-year-old mother has been diagnosed with macular degeneration. It’s a condition that in her case, has no cure. Having already lost the vision in one eye due to cataracts and […]

How @ATT almost conned me into buying fiber internet at my house

Last week, a salesman knocked on my door from AT&T. Ready to shoo him away, as I had done for the past four years since moving in, he indicated he was here to sell AT&T Fiber. “What?” The only salesmen I’d seen to this point were hawking AT&T DSL or as they rebranded it, AT&T […]

Out with old and in with the new

I have been waiting a long time to resurrect an old friend of mine: my MythTV box. I built that machine ten years ago. (I’d show you the specs, but they’re locked away ON the machine in an antique mediawiki web server). It runs Root-on-LVM-on-Raid top to bottom (which, BTW, requires LILO). It was great […]

We won’t own our own information until we do

Not a week goes by when I hear some story about people displeased with how their own content has been misused. People gripe that entering stuff into Facebook no longer belongs to them. Other people copy-and-paste such stuff into other places. Things go “viral”. I chuckle at how so many politicians act like we are […]

The state of Spring so far…

I have never been more excited to be a part of the Spring team as I am now. It feels like we are blazing new trails left and right. Seeing the massive turnout this week for Stephane and Brian’s “Spring Boot University”, a 3-hour session at DevoxxFR, left me awestruck. Wish I could have been there. […]

How open source has commoditized computers

As I type this blog entry, from my wife’s newly purchased MacBook AIr, I marvel at the power of open source. Thanks to open source, we are no longer bound to a particular vendor, operation system, or anything else. My wife’s old netbook was the last machine in this household that ran Windows. Back when […]

Is your brain made up of square or round cells?

I’m an engineer. Both of my brothers are engineers. My dad was an engineering professor until he retired. One of his brothers was an engineering professor. My two cousins are engineers as well. Bottom line: I know everything about the engineering way of life and and engineer’s mentality. Or so I thought. I met the […]

gitk has vi key bindings

As I’ve pointed out before, it is in your very best interest to learn vi. It may be a cryptic editor to you, but everything uses it’s most basic navigational key bindings (h-j-k-l => left-down-up-right). I just fired up gitk so I could rapidly look at the log messages I had made regarding my manuscript […]

Willing to recheck your assumptions?

I remember growing up how I HATED fruitcake. My dad was a fan of it, but I sure as heck wasn’t. It’s kind of awkward, because my dad and I eat the craziest stuff that neither my mother nor my two other brothers cared for. The biggest? Pickled herring. I love that stuff. And I […]

Looking forward to speaking at Atlanta Spring User’s Group

If you visit http://www.meetup.com/AtlantaSpring/events/91397142, you can sign up for my talk I plan to give on Spring Roo and Micro Cloud Foundry in January. I’m excited to travel down there, rub elbows with Spring enthusiasts and co-workers alike, and talk about some good ole’ Spring stuff. For those of you that are coming, I plan to […]