Day Two: Sprechen Deutsch mit meinen freunden @springone2gx #s2gx #german

So weit, ich habe mit Ollie Gierke, Christoph Stroble, und Michael Hunger in Deutsch gesprecht. Super! Das is sehr Spaß! In Amerika, wir mussen zwei Jahre im Hochschule lernen. Das ist schlecht! Niemand nur zewei Jahren lernen kann etwas. Ich habe drei Jahre im Hochschule gelernt, und das war vor 25 Jahren. Aber mit duolingo.com, anki, und dazpod.de, […]

Working in the cloud on spring-a-gram while flying through the clouds #s2gx

Things are rather intriguing. I am flying through the sky, in the clouds if you will, towards Dallas, Texas. This week is the fun filled SpringOne 2GX conference. As I fly through the clouds, I’m pushing updates to my app, in the cloud. 🙂 Another humorous fact is that I started this blog entry in […]

Gearing up for @SpringOne2GX. (It’s not too late to register!)

This is a short week for US citizens, since this past Monday was Labor Day. Of course, while I took time off, it didn’t really save me from the fact that I still have a boat load of stuff to do before I fly off to Dallas this upcoming Sunday. I look forward to seeing […]

Hear about #REST and #hypermedia with #mobile UI @springone2gx this year! #s2gx

Spring Mobile/Android guru Roy Clarkson and I are giving a talk at SpringOne this year. We will be mixing Spring Data with RESTful APIs. Roy and I have been working on a demo app that let’s you snap pictures and then upload them to a centralized web site through a simple RESTful API using hypermedia. The code […]

My software cheapskate days are behind me

In the past eight months, I have plunked down money cash for some really handy apps. And I’m happy I did. I used to be really stingy. I’ve slowly become aware that software devs are probably the last people to actually pay money for software. We’re always looking for freebie or open source versions. We […]

Catch my #Grails talk @springone2gx!

I’m speaking at SpringOne 2GX next month. I invite you to come see my presentation: “Case Study – Grails in the Real World“. I have been working hard for some time on other material that will be presented at SpringOne. With that stuff briefly off my plate, I have dove head first into getting my […]

SpringOne Europe – Wish I Could Be There

Well, I was able to make it to the SpringOne Americas conference back in December 2008. And I knew I would hunger to be at the SpringOne Europe conference this year. This time, though, since I got into twitter, I have been able to keep my thumb on the pulse by watching twitter on the […]

Missed SpringOne Americas conference?

Intro_to_Spring_Python_Turnquist In case you missed my presentation Introduction to Spring Python, here is the slide show I presented.   Or, you can go to Far & Awayto watch it and to leave a comment.

SpringOne – Day 4 and my presentation

Day 4===========================================Alright! This was great. I had about 10 people show up for my presentation, and I feel like things went smoothly. I also got a kick out of helping Russ with his presentation on Spring Extensions. I also attended Mark Pollack’s two presentations about .NET, just so I could get a feel for other […]

SpringOne – Day 3 and Spring Python plugins

Day 3 – Writing a Spring Python plugin manager===================================================Yesterday, I visited three sessions: RESTful Web Applications with Spring 3.0, Terracotta, and The Dojo Toolkit. I admit that my mind was wandering during the web-based ones. That was because I wanted to work on my command-line, plug-in based tool. So I planted myself in the back […]