As Pivotal goes public, I can’t help but reflect on this surreal journey. #PVTL @russmiles @pivotal

Watching the excitement as PVTL rang the opening bell on the NYSE this morning was surreal as our company Pivotal goes public. This excitement was perfectly dovetailed by having spent an hour last night catching up with an old friend of mine. A friend that had introduced me to the Spring family while also helping […]

A tale of two mediatypes

I’ve spent the last several weeks picking up something I started back in 2015. Way back then, in the airport departing SpringOne, I started working on the third mediatype for Spring HATEOAS. There were already two: the original one based on pure Jackson and HAL. This was Collection+JSON by Mike Amundsen. As a traveling consultant, […]

The power to say no

One of the most important things we can do is to say no. A lot of things arise in work, in life. And the hardest thing is to sometimes say no. To indicate this shouldn’t be done. To voice our objection. Not argue, just say no. Since Berlin, I have been working on adding Affordances […]

API evolvability is key in a system of systems

I try typing “API evolvability” into my iPhone and it corrects to “evil ability”. Message there?#REST @olivergierke — Greg L. Turnquist (@gregturn) March 28, 2017 Heh. That tweet was a follow up to Oliver’s latest presentation on the topic “API evolvability is key in the system of systems”. So what does this stuff mean, and […]

Spring Boot is still a gem…waiting to be discovered

Last week, I had the good fortune of speaking twice at the DevNexus conference, the 2nd largest Java conference in North America. It was awesome! Apart from being a total geek fest with international attendance, it was a great place to get a bigger picture of the state of the Java community. A bunch of […]

The state of Spring so far…

I have never been more excited to be a part of the Spring team as I am now. It feels like we are blazing new trails left and right. Seeing the massive turnout this week for Stephane and Brian’s “Spring Boot University”, a 3-hour session at DevoxxFR, left me awestruck. Wish I could have been there. […]

Chapter 2 shows #SpringBoot + #java + #spring #mobile + #jquery. Fun!!!

I just shipped off chapter 1, “Quick Start with Groovy”. Last night, I dug through and updated the code samples along with outputs to Spring Boot 1.1.1.RELEASE, which went out late yesterday. It really is awesome having that effort minimized thanks to AsciiDoc! Basically, I edited the code directly, re-ran the bits where I had captured […]

Having a ton of fun with Spring Data REST + Javascript

Today has been 100% fun coding with Spring Data #REST, javascript, and pics of cats. 🙂 —https://twitter.com/gregturn/status/448219842056052736 Since last fall, I have shifted to working full time on Spring Data REST. This is an amazing project. It takes Spring HATEOAS & Spring Data and combines them together. This way, your Spring Data repositories are exported […]

A day in the life of one Spring developer

Recently I have been cheering each day that I wake up and work on the Spring team. I was also inspired by Ollie’s recent slide show that explained many of our tools we use to build professional grade, open source software. So I thought I might capture my own version of why it’s so exciting […]

Catch my #Grails talk @springone2gx!

I’m speaking at SpringOne 2GX next month. I invite you to come see my presentation: “Case Study – Grails in the Real World“. I have been working hard for some time on other material that will be presented at SpringOne. With that stuff briefly off my plate, I have dove head first into getting my […]