Spring Data REST @ DevNexus

Catch this talk on Spring Data REST at the DevNexus 2015 conference with Roy Clarkson and myself.

Check out “Spring Data REST – Data Meets Hypermedia” video w/ me & @royclarkson from @springone2gx

The video of last year’s Spring Data REST talk is out. Just visit https://spring.io/blog/2015/02/24/springone2gx-2014-replay-spring-data-rest-data-meets-hypermedia to find the slides and video as Roy Clarkson and I snap pics with our billion dollar startup idea!

Working in the cloud on spring-a-gram while flying through the clouds #s2gx

Things are rather intriguing. I am flying through the sky, in the clouds if you will, towards Dallas, Texas. This week is the fun filled SpringOne 2GX conference. As I fly through the clouds, I’m pushing updates to my app, in the cloud. 🙂 Another humorous fact is that I started this blog entry in […]

Gearing up for @SpringOne2GX. (It’s not too late to register!)

This is a short week for US citizens, since this past Monday was Labor Day. Of course, while I took time off, it didn’t really save me from the fact that I still have a boat load of stuff to do before I fly off to Dallas this upcoming Sunday. I look forward to seeing […]

Sprinkling in some @SpringData #REST to chapter 4 of Learning #SpringBoot /cc @PacktPub

As I hack away at the last couple sections of chapter 4 of Learning Spring Boot, I have enjoyed being able to sprinkle in a little Spring Data REST. That project is really neat. I think it’s the way of the future for many apps out there. By providing an incredibly easy point of access […]

Spring Data REST => HAL + meta-data /cc @springcentral #rest #hypermedia #alps

Greetings Spring Community! We are working on a new feature inside Spring Data REST: meta-data. When you are talking to RESTful backend over the wire, you might not know the details of the resources behind the URIs. This enhancement provides a way to dynamically serve up domain-specific meta-data to the clients. If you’re interested, you […]