Chapter 3: “Debugging and Managing your #SpringBoot app” underway

Last Friday, I submitted the 1st draft for Chapter 2: Quick Start with Java inside Learning Spring Boot. In that one, I walk through the detailed steps of crafting an app that scans for open issues against multiple GitHub repos using several Spring projects. With that behind me, I am now diving into Chapter 3. […]

Chapter 2’s first draft is roughed out

Last night, I finished up the last bits of chapter 2’s first draft. I like to knock out a chapter in the rough and then go through it, applying bits of polish. For me, it’s always easier to polish something that already exists. My biggest concern was the fact that Spring Boot keeps taking away space […]

Goodbye #AsciiDoc, hello @Asciidoctor. Tnx @mojavelinux!

I just got my last few tweaks into my Asciidoctor Packt backend. It was enough to drop the venerable AsciiDoc and replace it with Asciidoctor. Most notably, I fixed the images so they would be centered, and text would not wrap around. I also centered the [[Layout]] note that always is placed below. It looks […]

Just added support for #AsciiDoc ~> @PacktPub numbered lists

It feels like I have almost reached feature completion with my Packt Publishing backend. It does just about anything I need. In fact, I don’t really think about editing my generating ODT files. (The only thing is potentially moving the [[layout notes]] that don’t properly wrap). Sure there are lots of other styles, like bullet-within-tips, […]

#SpringBoot gives you the kinds of problems you want

At my old company, I had a manager that was happy to point out when we had “good” problems. He was often citing situations where we had too much work from the customer such that our current staffing levels couldn’t keep up. Instead of anyone being let go, we sought out new talent to tackle […]

Chapter 2 shows #SpringBoot + #java + #spring #mobile + #jquery. Fun!!!

I just shipped off chapter 1, “Quick Start with Groovy”. Last night, I dug through and updated the code samples along with outputs to Spring Boot 1.1.1.RELEASE, which went out late yesterday. It really is awesome having that effort minimized thanks to AsciiDoc! Basically, I edited the code directly, re-ran the bits where I had captured […]

Recently wrapped up Chapter 1 – “Quick Start with Groovy”

Late last week, I wrapped up chapter one, “Quick Start with Groovy”. Whenever I present Spring Boot for the first time to a group, I lead with what Rob Winch snappily tweeted last August: @Controller class ThisWillActuallyRun { @RequestMapping(“/”) @ResponseBody String home() { “Hello World!” } } — Rob Winch (@rob_winch) August 6, 2013 This […]

Post processing AsciiDoc outputs with a #SpringBoot script

I’ve made great strides getting things to look nice with my AsciiDoc-to-LibreOffice outputs. But I ran into issues that I couldn’t solve with asciidoc-packt. Text wrapped in **double asterisks** wouldn’t appear with the Key Word [PACKT] styling applied. Bullet point lists have a special style for the last entry, probably to grant additional spaces afterwards before […]

#AsciiDoc + #SpringBoot => @PacktPub. Awesome tool chain!

After writing gobs of documents over the past year with AsciiDoc, I was strongly motivated to make that work as I embark on writing Learning Spring Boot. Writing a book with a word processor is one thing if you’re talking about a trade novel. That format is nothing but words, words, and more words. But for […]