#LearningSpringBoot book review by @geowarin

Check out Geoffrey Warin’s review¬†of Learning Spring Boot! Overall, it’s a good book, well worth reading if you want to learn how spring boot works but more globally, it will give you good insights and tips on various capabilities of Spring and its integration with other technologies.

#LearningSpringBoot book review!

Check out Craig Burke’s review. Check out the following excerpt! “This book does an outstanding job of demystifying Spring Boot and all the magic that goes along with it. I very highly recommend it.”

Book Review: “Vaetra Unveiled” by @DanielRMarvello

I just finished Vaetra Unveiled by Daniel Marvello. It was a delightful read! I wanted to write up my reactions to it. Vaetra Unveiled is a classic swords-and-sorcery novel. There is action, suspense, and charm amongst the characters. Daniel does a great job at world building in the sense that I could imagine everywhere the […]

Book review: “Just Spring”

I finished reading “Just Spring” by Madhusudhan Konda over the weekend. The author states in the preface, If you wish to get introduced to Spring quickly and precisely, or would like to refresh your knowledge on Spring in couple of hours, or have only a weekend to learn Spring before you start working on it on […]