A new project in my spare time…helping my nephew create games with #Python and #Pygame

My nephew expressed interest last year in creating games and programs on his computer. I bought him a super cool book, Making Games with Python and Pygame. He’s been busy with other things, but today I got a call from him asking how to set up Python. I was driving so I couldn’t get very […]

Scripting does the trick!

Last night I finally googled around and found http://python-wordpress-xmlrpc.readthedocs.org/en/latest/. This library uses WordPress’s XML-RPC API hook to let you connect, fetch content, and make edits. It was fabulous! Having migrated from Blogger, I still had a huge number of links that were pointed at Picasaweb, where I have images stored. I had wanted to somehow update […]


No, this isn’t a new open source project. Instead, its my toolbox of useful scripts. I spent half a day figuring out how to limit network traffic on my system to emulate a customer’s slow network link. After manually typing ipfw commands to turn on bandwidth limits and then turn them off, I decided to capture […]

See how Spring Python works with Jython

I recently completed a patch that replaces the amara library with python’s default elementTree library. As much as I like amara’s API, its C-extension basis was unacceptable. I just merged the patch into the trunk, and verified it works with Jython 2.5.1.FINAL. When Spring Python’s 1.1.0.M2 release comes out, we will be Jython-compatible. With this […]

Is Spring Python a framework or a library?

I was tracking some comments, and recently noticed a thread of discussion (in English) on a python mailing list. This is a follow-up to someone else posting about his discovery of Spring Python through the news announcement from SpringSource. (I appreciated that the person also caught on to my article defending the usage of AOP […]

Why use Spring Python and not just plain python?

I have bumped into articles and forum postings, blog entries, other blog entries, and yet more blog entries. In fact, while writing this blog entry, someone posed the question “what is the aim of Spring Python?” (Click and see my answer.) There are a diverse range of view points, and many in disagreement about the […]

Does Spring Support support Python 3.0?

At the end of my talk yesterday, one of the attendees pointed out that Python 3.0 was released that very same day. In joking fashion, he asked, “Do you support it?” I chuckled and did explain that currently we were supporting 2.4 and 2.5 because essentially, that is what I have personally ran the automated […]

Spring Python isn’t a simple port of the Spring Framework

While surfing across Google, I spotted a conversation where a couple guys were commenting on Spring Python. The only commentary was based on the Wikipedia entry, and showed no delving into official documentation or our website. Well, I can’t help but respond to the some of the assumptions that were made. Spring-Python. A port of […]