Do you have real life struggles in SW development? Lessons learned in Ops? Come share them @NashvilleJUG

EverĀ battle a NoSQL data store for six hours straight? Installed an upgrade that destroyed a database? Have you spent two weeks learning a new library, language, or build tool, only to chuck it out the window? We’d love to hear about it at the Nashville Java Users Group. We meet on the first Tuesday of […]

When testing really matters

This past Tuesday, we had James Ward, principal developer advocate for Heroku, give a presentation on the Play Framework, scala/java, and Heroku at the Nashville JUG. Suffice it to say, it was a really awesome presentation. This was far from a sales pitch, and more like a lets-get-our-hands on this framework and build a web […]

@NashvilleJUG reaches 100 members. Woot!

Back in April, I posted that the Nashville Java Users Group had reached 50 members. Today, we have no reached 100 members signing up on meetup.com/nashvillejug. This is incredible! We are approaching our 2-year anniversary this October (despite what is listed on our meetup site), and it appears one of our founders, Csaba, will have […]

What is the best testing tool?

Someone posted to me a question through meetupcom, “Greg, what is the best testing tool?” I didn’t have room to reply. I posted my response inside the Nashville JUG Google Group we host, but I thought today, it would be better to capture it here. Asking “what is the best tool” with no other context […]

@NashvilleJUG reaches 50 members!

This is great news. I just saw an email today sent to me from http://meetup.com/nashvillejug. Maybe that number doesn’t seem huge to you, but after just a year-and-a-half, I think we are reaching more and more people in the Java community in our area. Earlier today, I was on the phone with a recruiter that […]

Putting your money where your mouth is

I like maven. There, I said it. Now where is my flame suit? Last night at the Nashville Java User Group meeting, Kerry gave a good introductory presentation on maven. He talked about the pros and cons, and showed some things like phases, profiles, and parent/child projects. For those who had little to no experience […]