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Spring Python’s web page has been updated

Spring Python’s web page has been updated. It now uses the maven-generate material, with links to the official documents released earlier. The former trac site is still online and available through a link on the site. While the site may appear low on information, all the main articles of documentation are contained in the reference documents themselves.

Spring Python 0.6.0 has been released

This is the release with Spring Python as an official Spring Extension. The primary task was quality, and the first step was to integrate all the unit tests with SpringSource’s build team and a continuous integration server. This has been accomplished and one sample of such a run can be found at A couple cosmetic issues were closed at the same time. Also, a new email distribution list has been created (, hosted by SpringSource, and existing members have been migrated to it.

SpringSource has noticed Spring Python!

Russ Miles from Spring Source recently contacted me and invited Spring Python to become an official Spring Extension. Russ is in charge of the Spring Extensions project, a process they are setting up to incubate projects that can potentially become official parts of Spring Source’s software portfolio. Read more on our new discussion forum.