Spring Python 1.1.0.M1 Released

See http://www.springsource.org/node/2282 for the official announcement. I chatted with Mark Pollack earlier this week and asked if we wouldn’t mind me taking over. He said no problem, and I was able to get keys later to push releases up to SpringSource’s S3 site. This release is first milestone in our new 1.1 baseline. More features, […]

I’m going to work for SpringSource

Starting January 11th, I’m going to be working for SpringSource. I told my daughter and look what she had to say!   I’m glad she approves.   No, they didn’t hire me to work on Spring Python. That is still in my spare time. Hopefully, I can become sponsor and not have to bug Mark […]

Welcome Sven Wilhelm!

I wanted to introduce another team member: Sven Wilhelm. We just granted him commit privileges this week. Sven has been using Spring Python as a core piece of his team’s system. He has been doing a bit of work on making Spring Python work with Jython (which I’m VERY interested in!), as well as working […]

Welcome Dariusz Suchojad

I want to welcome our newest team member: Dariusz Suchojad. He has coded several patches in the past, including support for SQLServer. You will notice his name in the credits at the top of the reference docs (http://springpython.webfactional.com/1.1.x/reference/html/index.html). I submitted a request today that he be given commit rights to Spring Python’s code base. He […]

Spring Python’s website gets a major upgrade

I recently upgraded Spring Python’s project page from being a statically generated maven-based website to a dynamic drupal-based CMS.

VMware set to buy SpringSource

Rod Johnson posted a blog entry today that is also sweeping the twitterverse, indicating that they “have signed a definitive agreement with VMware, who will acquire SpringSource”. It says that the Spring Framework software will remain as free as ever. That should be the case, and I haven’t seen reason to doubt SpringSource would do […]

Spring Python makes final 1.0.0 release

Please read the official press release from SpringSource about this historic release of Spring Python. Please visit http://www.springsource.com/download/community in order to download a copy. NOTE: Spring Python has now been relocated to the top level, instead of being inside EXT. It’s the first Spring Extension to reach live status and also progress to a stable […]

Spring Python 1.0.0 (RC2) is released

What is Spring Python? For those of you new to this project, Spring Python takes the concepts implemented by the Spring Framework (Java), and applies them to Python. This provides a powerful library of functionality to help you get back to writing the code that makes you money. You can visit Spring Python’s official web […]

Spring Python’s blog site moved to WordPress

I was enjoying running the blog site with b2evolution, but decided to spend the last few days switching over to wordpress. It has been pretty much smooth sailing. I was really happy to find that someone had already ported the theme to wordpress. Basically, the only thing I sacrificed were the user comments. It was […]

SpringSource has acquired G2One, the company behind Grails and Groovy.

Link: http://blog.springsource.com/2008/11/11/more-weapons-for-the-war-on-complexity-springsource-acquires-groovygrails-leader/ I posted this in case you hadn’t heard, SpringSource has acquired the company behind Grails and Groovy. You may wonder “what has this got to do with Python?” Well, I am always interested in tracking what SpringSource is up to, especially in the realm of dynamic languages. This is good news to me, […]