How to sell your book – Part 5 – Keywords

Last week, we explored how to sell your book by picking suitable book categories. Today, we are going to explore the magical world of keywords. What’s a keyword? If you’ve spend five minutes searching the Internet to learn about advertising or online marketing, you’ve heard of keywords. Or at least you’ve heard the term. So […]

How to sell your book – Part 4 – Categories

In the previous post of this series, How to Sell Your Book, we dove into cross promotions. In this installment, we are going to dial into the topic of book categories. What are they, and why are they the difference between getting buried with 10,000 other books vs. dominating a smaller, more focused niche of […]

How to sell your book – Part 3 – Cross promoting your work

In the previous installment of How to Sell Your Book, we discussed building up a collection of fans. In addition to putting your works in front of people on Amazon, etc., you also want to curate a list of people that are super excited about your writing. One of the most effective ways I’ve discovered […]

How to sell your book – Part 2 – Fans

Last week we embarked upon a blog series on How to Sell Your Book, focused on advertising. To recap, unless you are a household name like JK Rowling or Stephen King, you NEED advertising. If you don’t perpetually put your works in front of your potential readers, you’ll get pushed to the side. In today’s […]

How to sell your book – Part 1 – Advertising

I’ve recently learned several tactics to sell your book, and I wanted to share them with you. Several people have asked how I started moving books that had long ago joined Amazon’s Millionaire Club (a club no one wants to join!) After repeating myself several times, I figured it better to capture my advice in […]

Building your email list yet? Find out why you need to get started

Are you a writer? Have you have written novels? Tech books? Do you want to? Assuming you said yes to any of those questions, the next question is possibly the most critical one to follow: Are you building your email list? If you said “no”, then you might be making the biggest mistake of your […]

Facebook marketing ain’t what it used to be

I have recently been learning a bunch about marketing. My wife has started marketing her fourth novel. Along the way, we have also started boosting Facebook posts about the freebie opportunities. And in my quest to better understand these types of campaigns, I have stumbled into a concept called “organic reach”. That is cute language for […]

Marketing your book with a launch group

I’ve recently been working on building up a new aspect of marketing – forming a launch group. A launch group is a close knit circle of people that help you get the word out when your book, as they say, hits the stands. I have two fronts in progress: Darklight and Learning Spring Boot 2nd Edition. […]