Announcing the winner of our #LearningSpringBoot contest…. /cc @PacktPub

Over the past month, we have had several entries. We have rallied together an international set of both contestants and judges. And here are the results! The contestants First of all, let’s list the applications that were submitted (in alphabetical order). 1. Mercury This app is used for piping various types of traffic over different […]

Valuable things I have learned while writing three books for @PacktPub

I recently had a friend of mine ask me about the viability of writing a book for his open source project. He had questions about how to submit a proposal as well as the money involved. I wrote him a detailed response, but decided to post some of my lessons learned here. Don’t write a book […]

One week left for #LearningSpringBoot contest!

It’s not too late to join the Learning Spring Boot contest! Spring Boot has made it super simple for people to create new apps rapidly. You still have plenty of time! I’ve seen a few tweets from contestants. Are you secretly working on an entry? Tweet your github repo, and I’ll DEFINITELY star it so […]

GitHub offers more ways to develop than I’ve ever seen!

Have you moved your code base to github in the past year? Earlier than that? Or are you contemplating heading that way. There are means and opportunities you can’t possibly imagine when you do this. Of course, the immediate benefit is that 100,000s (if not millions) of developers will already be familiar with this platform […]

Announcing #LearningSpringBoot contest! /cc @PacktPub @SpringCentral

Greetings Spring Boot lovers! Packt Publishing and I are announcing a contest! Please visit to see the official rules, criteria, and deadline to win. We are looking for cool, pithy apps that show of the elegance and power of Spring Boot while also granting you a chance to show off your wild/creative side. The deadline […]

I owe so much to @russmiles!

Russ is a good friend of mine I met back in 2008. He was working for SpringSource at the time as a consultant. He had spotted my open source project, Spring Python, and invited me to make it an official Spring Extension. I was quite excited! Along the way, I had this crazy idea of […]

“Learning #SpringBoot” is now signed, sealed, and delivered /cc @PacktPub @JavaMUG

I finally wrapped up edits and proofing the pre-finals. Learning Spring Boot is officially completed. The only lingering thing on my plate is migrating the code base into my newly minted github repo. I hope you have already pre-ordered your copy. According to my editor, they are uploading it to the printers tomorrow. I can’t wait to […]

“Learning Spring Boot” is available for pre-order! /cc @JavaMUG @NashvilleJUG

The day is here! You can now pre-order your copy of Learning Spring Boot! At this very moment, I am working with the finishing editors to polish up this book and get it uploaded to the printers. It should be out SOON! I’m naturally eager to get the word out. But it isn’t just about […]

According to @PacktPub: “Learning @SpringBoot” slated for release at end of November /cc @JavaMUG

Greetings readers! I have hammering my editor to give me an updated plan for when Learning Spring Boot is expected to come out. They had been hinting that it would be at the end of October. Hearing nothing after turning in the manuscript, I finally got word that it is expected to be ready to […]

Beneath every great forest lies something even greater. See #SpringBoot book cover from @PacktPub

I recently got confirmation of the cover image of “Learning Spring Boot”. I don’t have the official cover, but I created a mock up based on the stock image. I’m really excited about this. About a month ago, Packt sent me a collection of stock images to pick from, and this one was PERFECT. To […]