Ch. 7, “Microservices with @SpringBoot” of #LearningSpringBoot 2nd Ed. sent into @PacktPub

Whew! I just finished hammering out twenty eight pages of manuscript for Learning Spring Boot 2nd Edition. This has been the most exhausting. Probably because it has the most moving parts. Taking the previous chapter’s sample social media app (Spring-a-Gram, my billion dollar startup idea) and turning into a Eureka-powered, Hystrix-dashboard-monitored, and Config Server-enabled set […]

#LearningSpringBoot 2nd Edition available for pre-order! See @PacktPub today

If you didn’t catch it, last week Packt released my Learning Spring Boot Video tutorial. It contains about four hours of in depth, hands-on coding with arguably the most popular Java stack out there – Spring Boot. Starting this week, Learning Spring Boot 2nd Edition is now available for pre-order. 2nd Edition is targeted at Spring […]

Learning Spring Boot – 2nd edition on its way from @PacktPub

I just signed a contract to write Learning Spring Boot – 2nd Edition. This will nicely dovetail the Learning Spring Boot Video Tutorial I’m currently recording. The 1st edition had five chapters. The goal was to get to market, fast, and gauge reader’s reactions, so we kept it short and sweet, focused on the most critical […]

Demo app built for #LearningSpringBoot

I’ve spent the last few days building the app I will use in the new Learning Spring Boot video. I was able to actually move quickly thanks to the power of Spring Boot, Spring Data, and some other features I’ll dive into in more detail in the video itself. It’s really fun to sit down and […]

#LearningSpringBoot Video is on its way!

I just signed a contract to produce a video-based sequel to Learning Spring Boot, a veritable 2nd edition! This will move a lot faster than its predecessor. Schedule says primary recording should be done sometime in August, so hopefully you can have it in your hands FAST! (I know Packt has quick schedules, but this […]

Spring Boot is still a gem…waiting to be discovered

Last week, I had the good fortune of speaking twice at the DevNexus conference, the 2nd largest Java conference in North America. It was awesome! Apart from being a total geek fest with international attendance, it was a great place to get a bigger picture of the state of the Java community. A bunch of […]

Debug and Maintain your Spring Boot App

It’s out! My webinar, Debug and Maintain Your Spring Boot App, is now available to watch right here. Learn how to: Figure out what Spring Boot has done, so you can tweak things as needed. Discover property override settings, and not be done in by out-of-date docs. Merge metrics and commands as needed for DevOps support. […]

Today is “Day against DRM”. My fine friends @PacktPub are offering a 24-hour flash sale. #AgainstDRM

I have written three books for Packt Publishing over the past five years (Learning Spring Boot being the latest). They have supported me well. Many of you are aware of DRM (Digital Rights Management). That is coder speak for “wrapping content you bought with controls left in the hands of supplies”. I don’t dig DRM. […]

#LearningSpringBoot book review by @geowarin

Check out Geoffrey Warin’s review of Learning Spring Boot! Overall, it’s a good book, well worth reading if you want to learn how spring boot works but more globally, it will give you good insights and tips on various capabilities of Spring and its integration with other technologies.

#LearningSpringBoot book review!

Check out Craig Burke’s review. Check out the following excerpt! “This book does an outstanding job of demystifying Spring Boot and all the magic that goes along with it. I very highly recommend it.”