Layering in new behavior with React

I’ve talked in the past how I like the approach React leads me to when it comes to building apps. How does such grandiose talk play out when it’s time to add a new, unexpected feature? Let’s check it out. I’ve been building an installation app for Spinnaker, and one of our top notch developer […]

The beauty of coding frontends with React

This industry can be quite brutal. Tools come and go. Programming styles invented fifty years ago suddenly become relevant. But I really enjoy when a certain toolkit nicely presents itself over and over as the way to go. I’m talking about React. Every wonder what it is that has made coding frontends with React so […]

JavaScript – the mutable functional programming platform

JavaScript, amidst its funny quirks, is an interesting platform for functional programming. Especially given its highly mutable nature. Yes, you heard that right: a mutable functional programming language. Let me head things off real fast. I’m not an expert on JavaScript. Not sure if I would qualify for senior status should I join a JavaScript-only team. Take my […]

In defense of leftpad

Given the time I’ve had to think about the whole leftpad controversy, I have to come to the conclusion that leftpad was PERFECTLY FINE with its decision to build a module with only eleven lines. (As to the brooha over unpublishing and then being forcibly republished by npm, that is a different topic.) leftpad wrote […]

Trying to write #JavaScript without Promises? TL;DR Don’t! Using @cujojs when.js instead

It’s weird, but I dodged a lot of the web development churn that happened in the late 90s, early 2000 era due to my involvement in thick client, closed source work. Basically, I never worked with JavaScript in the early days. And back then, when I would peek at the source of a website, the stuff […]

Gearing up for @SpringOne2GX. (It’s not too late to register!)

This is a short week for US citizens, since this past Monday was Labor Day. Of course, while I took time off, it didn’t really save me from the fact that I still have a boat load of stuff to do before I fly off to Dallas this upcoming Sunday. I look forward to seeing […]

Having a ton of fun with Spring Data REST + Javascript

Today has been 100% fun coding with Spring Data #REST, javascript, and pics of cats. 🙂 —https://twitter.com/gregturn/status/448219842056052736 Since last fall, I have shifted to working full time on Spring Data REST. This is an amazing project. It takes Spring HATEOAS & Spring Data and combines them together. This way, your Spring Data repositories are exported […]

Please don’t build your website with heavy-handed Javascript

Last night my family and I traveled down to St. Cloud, Florida, where we have a nice little town home. Unfortunately, we forgot to put our Sunpass back in the vehicle after loaning it to some family members. This device lets us fly through toll booths without stopping because it automatically makes payments for us. […]