Why statics are no longer evil

I used to chant the line about how static methods in Java were evil. In fact, you can find funny articles and stack Overflow discussions about how this is the case. So why am I shouting from the rooftops that statics are no longer evil? To answer that question, it’s important to realize that everything […]

A tale of two mediatypes

I’ve spent the last several weeks picking up something I started back in 2015. Way back then, in the airport departing SpringOne, I started working on the third mediatype for Spring HATEOAS. There were already two: the original one based on pure Jackson and HAL. This was Collection+JSON by Mike Amundsen. As a traveling consultant, […]

Something Java should never do

I’ve been working on a pull request on Spring HATEOAS for six weeks. That’s right, six weeks. It was a community contribution, and there’s a lot to sift through. Yesterday morning, I was slated to conduct the first review with the project lead. But that wasn’t going to happen, because Java decided to do something Java […]

Learning Spring Boot 2nd Edition 80% complete w/ Reactive Web

This weekend I sent in the first draft for Chapter 2 – Reactive Web with Spring Boot (of Learning Spring Boot). Even though this is Chapter 2, it’s 80% of the book. That’s because I’m writing Chapters 2, 3, and 4 last, due to the amount they depend on Reactive Spring. This may sound rather […]

I owe so much to the @javaposse. Congrats on 10 fine years!

Years ago, I discovered the Java Posse. It was a phenomenal podcast. Every episode was chockful of deep technical discussions, modern issues and revelations in the Java community, and just good old fashioned fun. I thirsted for every episode. These gentlemen were technical experts who also had loads of real world experience. They pointed me […]

Chapter 2 shows #SpringBoot + #java + #spring #mobile + #jquery. Fun!!!

I just shipped off chapter 1, “Quick Start with Groovy”. Last night, I dug through and updated the code samples along with outputs to Spring Boot 1.1.1.RELEASE, which went out late yesterday. It really is awesome having that effort minimized thanks to AsciiDoc! Basically, I edited the code directly, re-ran the bits where I had captured […]

Learning valuable lessons in the trenches of production

A key turning point in my career was when I was able to take over a non-functional Java Swing app. I had worked for years on a mission critical, 24×7 system written in a now non-existent language and runtime. Frankly, I was a bit tired of it. I had managed a total of seven employees […]

Having a ton of fun with Spring Data REST + Javascript

Today has been 100% fun coding with Spring Data #REST, javascript, and pics of cats. 🙂 —https://twitter.com/gregturn/status/448219842056052736 Since last fall, I have shifted to working full time on Spring Data REST. This is an amazing project. It takes Spring HATEOAS & Spring Data and combines them together. This way, your Spring Data repositories are exported […]

What is the best testing tool?

Someone posted to me a question through meetupcom, “Greg, what is the best testing tool?” I didn’t have room to reply. I posted my response inside the Nashville JUG Google Group we host, but I thought today, it would be better to capture it here. Asking “what is the best tool” with no other context […]

Creating SSL sockets in Java using out-of-the-box APIs isn’t good enough

Lately, I have had to work on a Java solution that involved locking down SSL. What do I mean by this? Quite simply, the list of default ciphers provided to Java’s SSLSocket/SSLServerSocket includes some really crazy choices. A few are low grade ciphers (40 bit and 56 bit), and some even have no encryption. Essentially, […]