GitHub isn’t your CV, and GitHub commits don’t show your talent

I previously wrote about how GitHub isn’t your CV, and went on the even close my LinkedIn profile because of how little value it actually provided. GitHub’s eye candy Lately, I noticed people posting things like diagrams of burnout based on a dwindling number of commits to GItHub. Once again, it seems like GitHub likes […]

GitHub offers more ways to develop than I’ve ever seen!

Have you moved your code base to github in the past year? Earlier than that? Or are you contemplating heading that way. There are means and opportunities you can’t possibly imagine when you do this. Of course, the immediate benefit is that 100,000s (if not millions) of developers will already be familiar with this platform […]

The neatest feature of #git I didn’t know was there

I have been using git for several years now. But like any other tool, you don’t REALLY know all its power without using it in the craziest situations. I’ve just discovered a core aspect of git that totally drives me nuts given what it can do!!! Git is a distributed version control system, right? Those […]

Chapter 2 shows #SpringBoot + #java + #spring #mobile + #jquery. Fun!!!

I just shipped off chapter 1, “Quick Start with Groovy”. Last night, I dug through and updated the code samples along with outputs to Spring Boot 1.1.1.RELEASE, which went out late yesterday. It really is awesome having that effort minimized thanks to¬†AsciiDoc! Basically, I edited the code directly, re-ran the bits where I had captured […]


No, this isn’t a new open source project. Instead, its my toolbox of useful scripts. I spent half a day figuring out how to limit network traffic on my system to emulate a customer’s slow network link. After manually typing ipfw commands to turn on bandwidth limits and then turn them off, I decided to capture […]