The good, the bad, and the ugly of leverage

Over the weekend, two significant things happened: the power outages in the West Virginia area caused one of Amazon’s regional data center to suffer an outage and a leap second was distributed to all computers and phones running NTP. The cloud is good for us…  Companies have been discovering that by off loading major, critical […]

Does your 401k company match have a dollar limit?

An interesting thing has happened today: my company sent out an update on it’s 401k policy. They have increased the dollar amount of the match they ate willing to make. If you read the first part of portfolio rebalancing, you are aware that I’m no longer investing any money there. Since I made that choice, […]

Go anywhere funds that really go nowhere

I chuckled as I saw an article today posted on Fidelity.com titled “5 funds that ‘go anywhere’ for a smoother return.” It involves a new “type” of mutual fund. They are called ‘go anywhere’ funds, meaning the fund manager isn’t constrained to the usual set of restrictions, like only investing in certain types of asset […]

Guarding yourself from experts

Ever heard the joke about what you call someone who graduates last from medical school? The answer is “doctor”. It means that no matter how good or bad someone was in medical school, they are still a fully fledged doctor. It’s an interesting fact that groups tend to click together, and groups of experts are […]

Rebalancing my portfolio – part 2

I already mentioned the first step in rebalancing my portfolio: replacing my 401k with an EIUL. My second step is investing in some dividend aristocrats and holding onto them FOREVER, pulling in dividends and reinvesting them for the long term. What’ll you take – dividends or appreciation? There are a few stocks that have been […]

Your 401k won’t create wealth

If you are paying income tax on your cash flow that is too high in your opinion, then there are many strategies that could lighten that road not using an 401K investment strategy. The real issue is would you rather pay taxes on input or output? So you input $100,000 and have a $250,000 output. […]

Cash reserves – important piece of any investment plan

Just today I received notice my company would deposit $75 into my bank account within five working days. This was compensation for five t-shirts I bought for the Nashville Java Users Group when we attended the DevNexus conference back in March. I basically asked Jeremy if I could hand him $75 in cash when I […]

Rebalancing my portfolio – picking a team of experts

As I continue on my path of rebalancing my portfolio, I am amazed at the number of people I need to consult to put together my grand plan just right. For example, I now have my EIUL established. I have a rock solid agent that helped me put it together, and whom I know I […]

Scala makes it easy to evaluate financial problems

Over the past couple of years, I have been innately fascinated by the emergence of scala. Discovering it’s incredible power of type inference, a very extensive collections API, pattern matching, and many other things have been very alluring. Recently, I had a question pop into my head regarding financial data. You see, I often hear […]

Rebalancing my portfolio – CDs vs. EIULs

I recently wrote my first installment about rebalancing my portfolio. In it, I discussed some of the cons involved with investing in financial instruments that suffer losses. Essentially, if your account loses 20%, you must gain 25% to overcome that. The bigger the loss, the bigger gain you need just to get back to where […]