Darklight released!

I have worked on this novel for eight years, which is why I’m excited to report that Darklight is released! Could a pickpocket be the source of freedom in the Earth’s distant future? Snitch, a young woman who grew up on the streets of Kelmar as a thief, has discovered something terrible. The regime’s evil military […]

How I used #KDPRocket and learned to love keyword analysis

A big event is coming. The release of my debut novel, DARKLIGHT, is planned for later this month. And do you know what I dread? A lackluster launch. I have helped launch several indie titles in the past for other authors, but something I finally knuckled down and did this morning was what EVERY author […]

Darklight cover reveal!

Greetings everyone! Today is super exciting because I finally get to reveal the cover to my debut novel, DARKLIGHT. I’ve been working extra hard on this work. I started it in 2010 and have been at it for eight years. It took three editors and four rounds, but it’s finally gotten that extra polish it […]

I signed a contract!

Something I’ve been working on for seven years now has taken a big turn. I signed a contract with Clean Reads to publish my novel, DARKLIGHT! I’m pretty stoked about this. Of course it will be lots of work. Not even sure if it’s coming out this year or next. Either way, it’s going to […]

Writing a proposal for your novel

I’ve been writing Darklight for six years now. At first, it was things like Deep Point of View (POV), cutting out adverbs, and other bits of writing craft. Then I yanked out things like explaining too much, removing every expression, every phrase, every word that we redundant. I’ve never faced writing a proposal for my […]

Darklight critique by best selling author @JerryBJenkins

The thing you can never do without is getting solid, concrete feedback from a bestselling author. You can see my Darklight critique by Jerry Jenkins below. I have the webinar keyed up to where he digs into my story and pulls no punches. The points he makes are amazing. The blind leading the blind If you […]

Darklight to be critiqued by @JerryBJenkins Monday night

Sign up for this webinar: http://www.jerryjenkins.com/irresistible-first-page I entered a contest for a critique on the first page of Darklight and won! Sign up for the webinar and get a hint of my story as it gets critiqued by the author of the Left Behind series.

From Beat Sheet to Synopsis: How Writing Tools Pay Back with Interest /cc @DanielRMarvello

About five years ago, I learned about structuring your novel. It started when I read Evolution of a Beat Sheet. I found the article quite interesting, and it lined up perfectly with my analyzing/organizing nature. A Beat Sheet is basically an outline done on a spreadsheet. You can use any structure you want, but a […]

It’s 11pm at night. Do you know where your POV is?

Last night, around 11pm, I wrapped up a long edit on Darklight. Ever since the Clarksville Christian Writers started meeting early this year, I have gotten in gear for cleaning up my manuscript. One of my fabulous beta readers, a published author, spotted my issue with POV (Point of View). I head hopped all the […]

Darklight joins @pinterest

I recently got excited about Pinterest. My wife put together a great board for her debut novel, that is being published in July. I had a small set of pictures related to Darklight, so I took the plunge and signed up. To the right is a link to my board. I had a couple images […]