Goodbye twitterfeed. It’s been real

While checking on my wife’s twitter feed (and lack of blog posting going out today), I see a big banner message saying that twitterfeed.com is shutting its doors on October 31st. I proceeded to look for other options. It seems like other services that perform similar services start at $9.99/month. Yikes! That’s a bit steep. […]

Use social media; don’t let it use you

I have seen a handful of posts and tweets recently that have summarized my own developing view of where we as people should stand in relation to social media. For starters, we need to recognize that social media is a product for which we are probably NOT the client: If you are not paying for […]

Goodbye LinkedIn, it’s not me it’s you

I finally did it. I’ve debated for the past four years whether or not to close my LinkedIn account. When I saw an email come out about how you can get ALL your data in a single download, I jumped at the chance. I grabbed all my connections’ contact info, and put it on a […]

Scripting does the trick!

Last night I finally googled around and found http://python-wordpress-xmlrpc.readthedocs.org/en/latest/. This library uses WordPress’s XML-RPC API hook to let you connect, fetch content, and make edits. It was fabulous! Having migrated from Blogger, I still had a huge number of links that were pointed at Picasaweb, where I have images stored. I had wanted to somehow update […]