Please read the official press release from SpringSource about this historic release of Spring Python. Please visit in order to download a copy. NOTE: Spring Python has now been relocated to the top level, instead of being inside EXT.

  • It’s the first Spring Extension to reach live status and also progress to a stable 1.0.0 final release.
  • The trunk has been updated to allow work on next major release 1.1 to begin. This means we aren’t through, but just getting started.
  • Another branch has been created to support backporting critical fixes into the 1.0 baseline, meaning it will have the same type of strong support as other SpringSource projects.

This demonstrates that Spring Python has a nicely honed development process, committed to providing stable APIs, while also focusing on new and innovative changes. While we have worked hard since the start of this project back in 2006, we still lots of ideas and have plenty more work to do.

I wish to thank Mark Pollack, the current sponsor of Spring Python and code geek that developed Spring .NET, for coming on board quickly, and supporting me in every way possible to get this release wrapped up and pushed out for everyone to use. I also want to thank Russ Miles, former SpringSource consultant, who has supported me for over the past year with encouragement and feedback. I also thank the community for its valuable comments, questions, and suggestions that has helped steer this project in a positive direction.

Key changes used to this release include:


  • [SESPRINGPYTHONPY-96] – When making builds, use “.” as separator between version and tag; support python 2.4/2.5/2.6


  • [SESPRINGPYTHONPY-56] – Assess impact of python’s deprecation of md5 and sha modules to spring python’s security segment